Custom Printed Photo Mylar Balloon

Custom Printed Photo Mylar Balloon

  • Use & Care Instructions

    Care Instructions,


    Peel it off with care. There are two layers. The outside back layer and the inside middle layer.

    Take it to a store to have filled with helium if you want it to float or just use a straw (and insert into the valve CAREFULLY) to fill with regular air (no float).

    To remove the air from the balloon (for later usage)....please insert a straw carefully into the fill valve about 3/4 of the way in and push on top of balloon to release the air. You can feel the air coming out of the balloon.  Please DO NOT FORCE the straw into the balloon for any reason.
  • Refund/Replacement Policy

    This is a strictly custom item. This item is NONREFUNDABLE for any reason, except maanufacture defect or damage. Each balloon is inspected for holes, rips or tears.  If there is a defect in the seam upon blowing the balloon up; you MUST take a photo of the defect and send it to us within 3 days after arrival. We cannot approve any refunds or replacements that have been in your possession after 3 days of receiving the balloons. 


    Balloons can not be replaced if photo quality or photo resolution is low or grainy. This issue come strictly from the photos you submit to us.  If we notice  a photo that is of extreme poor quality, we will notify you immediately to advise.  If you approve to print anyway, we will not replace your balloon if you receive it and do not like quality.


    We reserve the right to refuse to procss an order that we feel will not provide the best quality of our product.


    For questions or concerns, please call 804-201-0540.  Thank you for choosing Balloons and Things!